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BusyBee Removals is an international moving company providing a door to door service with full destination services. This includes export forwarding, documentation, clearing, offloading, unwrapping & setting up of furniture in your new home and removal of debris. We have over 90 accredited and approved Agents worldwide who will look after your every need and help you to settle in your new environment.

sea-freight-shipping-form-south-africaThere are 3 ways to send your seafreight – FCL (Full Container Load or an exclusive use of a container), Groupage (Part Load or shared use of container with other transferees) and an LCL (Part Load which is placed in a crate and sent by consolidators in a shared container). An FCL is sent immediately where as an LCL is sent by consolidators as soon as they fill the container. A Groupage takes the longest to get to destination as it can only be sent when there is enough cargo for that destination to fill a container…but is always the most economical option. Groupages are only available to popular destinations.

We make use of 3 different size containers – (1) a 20 foot or 6 metre container with a 30 cubic metre capacity, (2) a 40 foot container or 12 metre container with a 60 cubic metre capacity and (3) a 40 foot ‘high cube’ container which is the same as the 12 metre container but is taller, with a 75 cubic metre capacity.


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Every non-carton item in the household will be wrapped in Cushion Kraft (bubble plastic with a brown paper coating) and loaded in the container, using every space to ensure a tight load, very much like a jigsaw puzzle. The tighter and more compact the load, the less chance of damage. Inventories are written with each item numbered and tagged. A copy of this inventory will be given to you at the end of the packing process. We can either load the container directly at your home or bring the consignment back to our warehouse to load the container at a later stage, if for instance your loading date does not coincide with the stack dates of the booked vessel.

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We help South Africans to relocate to the following most popular countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

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