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If you are moving your home and family across borders, you need to make use of a reputable home relocation services company which is also an international moving company. As moving internationally is quite an intimidating process, you can set your worries aside when working with an moving company with years of experience in home relocation services, such as BusyBee Removals. BusyBee Removals is a trusted international moving company, and will guide you throughout your move across borders, supplying you with a plan, advice and professional moving services.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the international moving process. There is no need to worry about your goods or the process of moving them across borders when you make use of a reputable international moving company – BusyBee Removals, the trusted home relocation services in South Africa.


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Reliable Moving companies in JohannesburgInternational Moving Company – Home relocation Services

International moving companies such as BusyBee Removals, are there to help you to move abroad easily and problem free. We consist of the knowledge, processes and requirements for moving you and your goods abroad as smooth as possible. Leave your home relocation to the experts – home relocation services include every aspect from packing up in South Africa, to unpacking in your new international location. With a broad insight of the rules and regulations of moving internationally, it is best to make use of a reputable international moving company – BusyBee Removals, a leading home relocation services provider.

The international moving process – Relocating abroad

The whole international moving process can be quite a daunting task, but it needn’t be if you make use of BusyBee Removals, a top international moving company specialising in long distance home relocation services. From packing and boxing your household goods, to assisting with the necessary documentation, we will guide you every step of the way. A broad overview of the international relocation process and important aspects will give you an indication of what you can expect:

  • sea-freight-shipping-form-south-africaPlanning and preparation: Nay international moving company relies on effective planning and preparation of the moving process. Relocating internationally can give you sleepless night if you don’t make use of professional home relocation services.
  • International job searches: If you are not relocating because of a new career opportunity, you might be in need of a job at your new location. If you have to search for jobs for yourself or your spouse perhaps, there are many ways of going about. International job recruiting companies are very beneficial. Take into consideration that international job searching can be tedious and time consuming, which is why making use of a recruiting company can greatly assist you when moving internationally.
  • Packing and boxing: BusyBee Removals offers a professional packing and boxing service as part of our home relocation services. As an experienced international moving company in South Africa, we will take care of your move from the packing stage to unpacking at your new destination.
  • Sea freight and airfreight services: When relocating internationally, your goods will be transported via airfreight, sea freight or a combination of the two – depending on your needs. This is probably the most stressful part for any individual who is moving internationally, as you feel uncertain and helpless knowing your goods will be transported by air or sea. But BusyBee Removals will take the stress out of your airfreight or sea freight transportation – as experienced home relocation service providers, we know all the rules, regulations procedures and agents to make the process as smooth as possible. Your goods are in good hands all the way!
  • Storage: In addition to our home relocation services, your items can also be stored in one of BusyBee Removal’s storage facilities should it be required. Our storage facilities are located on a secure premises, with 24 hour security and burglar alarms.
  • Insurance: Moving insurance is a crucial aspect of the international moving process. You will feel more at ease knowing that your household goods are covered against unforeseen circumstances. As a well-rounded international moving company, BusyBee Removals also offers moving insurance to make it easier for you. We will assist you with value determination of your household goods being relocated across borders.

air-freight-south-africaCustom Clearance – International Moving Company

Custom clearance is a terrifying term if you are moving internationally. Relocating your goods across borders needs to comply with the different country’s rules and regulations, which is why it is advised to request the assistance of BusyBee Removals, with extensive experience in home relocation services (including custom clearance). We are well prepared in this regard, and will assist you with all documentation required.

Why you should make use of BusyBee Removals – Home Relocation Services

Working with a reliable home relocation services supplier in the moving industry, you will feel more at ease when relocating abroad. BusyBee Removals’ complete services include wrapping, packing and boxing, documentation assistance, clearing, offloading and unwrapping of goods as well as the initial setting up of furniture in your new home. We will also remove the rubble, leaving you with a clean start in your new location. What more could you want in an international moving company!

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Home relocation is what BusyBee Removals does best – as a top international moving company in South Africa, we guarantee a professional and smooth move for you, your family, and household goods – and don’t forget the pets, we’ve got them covered too! Contact BusyBee Removals today, and arrange an appointment with our friendly consultants who will assess your international moving needs.