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As a trusted international moving company in South Africa, BusyBee Removals has put together a moving checklist to use for your big international move. Relocating across borders is a very stressful event, which is why it is important to be as organised as possible to ensure a hassle free international move.

International moving checklist – International moving company in South Africa

The key to a successful international move is planning well in advance and staying organised. Here is a checklist to assist you throughout your international moving process, supplied by a trusted international moving company in South Africa.

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BusyBee Removals is a professional and trusted international moving company that has executed many successful international relocations. If you are in need of assistance with your international move, trust the international moving company that does it best.

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  • International Moving CompanyMake notes. Start by compiling a list of things to do before the international moving process starts.
  • Make your travel arrangements well in advance (3 months). Book your flight tickets and arrange car hire if necessary. This give you a D-day for your international move.
  • Make use of an estate agent to assist if you need to sell your house before moving internationally.
  • Find a reputable international moving company if you are not up to doing this all on your own. A professional international moving company such as BusyBee Removals will assist with everything from start to finish, including assistance with required documentation.
  • Make arrangements regarding your children’s schools – inform the school and get the necessary transfer certificates, and find new schools in the destination you’re relocating to.
  • Create a file to keep all your important documentation in regarding your international move. A professional international moving company can also advise you on what documentation you will need.
  • Arrange passports and Visas well in advance, make sure you adhere to the country’s rules and regulations in this regard.
  • Make arrangements for your pets. Find out what the vaccination requirements etc. are.
  • Make yourself some change of address or ‘we’re moving’ cards and send them to friends, family and others you need to inform.
  • Start packing the items you won’t need first. This includes ornaments, books, some kitchenware etc. An international moving company such as BusyBee Removals will also supply the packaging material needed for your move.
  • Arrange moving insurance (also offered by BusyBee Removals) to ensure that your goods are financially covered on the long road to its new destination.

Moving internationally needn’t be such a scary task. Making use of a trusted international moving company in South Africa will ensure that your moving process runs smooth and hassle-free.

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