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Relocating your South African home and family to a different country is a very stressful and intensive process. Choosing the right International moving company is crucial for smooth international moving of goods. Busybee Removals, an International moving company in South Africa, promises to help you move your goods across borders every step of the way. Busybees International moving services include everything from documentation and forward exporting to delivering, unpacking and setting up of initial furniture. With years of International moving experience, Busybee Removals will guide you through the process.

International moving with Busybee Removals made easy

International Moving Company South Africa

Whether you are immigrating to Australia, New Zealand or America, we will take care of relocating your household goods to your new location, from start to finish. Busybee Removals makes use of 90 accredited Agents located world-wide, to efficiently manage the international moving process. Busybee Removals’ experiences team have familiarised themselves with international rules and regulations, customs procedures and necessary documentation needed to move goods across borders and overseas.


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Documentation needed is usually complex, which is why Busybee Removals will assist you to complete these forms, as well as guide you through the whole relocation process. Our moving company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, will start by assessing your move requirements and scope. This will help to establish an effective international moving plan, making the process easier and more time efficient.

Moving your household goods internationally can be done in different ways by seafreight or airfreight. Busybee Removals will advise you on the different options, and which will fit your moving needs best. If you are in need of storage facilities during your moving process, Busybee also offers space for storing your goods until you are able to move into your new location.

Busybee Removals’ other international moving services include:

  • Airfreight
  • Seafreight
  • Customs Clearance
  • Handling & Loading
  • Storage
  • Packing & Materials
  • Insurance
  • Pet & Car Travel

If you are seeking an International moving company in South Africa, look no further. You will feel right at ease once you have talked to one of our friendly and professional consultants. Arrange and assessment or email us for a quote today!

Based centrally in Johannesburg, Busybee Removals will take care of any home or business relocation – from packing to transporting and initial distribution and setup, within or across South African borders. Contact Busybee Removals  send an enquiry to info@busybee-removals.co.za.