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Airfreight & Unaccompanied Baggage


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We provide a door to door service with full destination services. This includes export forwarding, documentation, clearing, offloading, unwrapping & setting up of furniture in your new home and removal of debris. We have over 90 accredited and approved Agents worldwide who will look after your every need and help you to settle in your new environment.

air-freight-south-africaAirfreights are normally packed in cardboard containers which are commonly known as airfreight modules.  The modules come in different sizes as Cargo planes are different and can only accommodate what can fit into their cargo hold.  Your airfreight might therefore be placed in several modules, depending on how big your airfreight is.  Airlines work on volumetric weight, meaning that they will choose whichever is greater – the volume or the actual weight. It is therefore crucial to only send non-heavy items.

Besides the carton packing, every non-carton item in the household will be wrapped in Cushion Kraft (bubble plastic with a brown paper coating) and loaded in the airfreight module, using every space to ensure a tight load, very much like a jigsaw puzzle. Inventories are written with each item numbered and tagged.  A copy of this inventory will be given to you at the end of the packing process. Once packed, the airfreight will be brought back to our warehouse to be placed in the airfreight modules, strapped and then plastic wrapped to seal the module against rain and moisture.  The modules are then taken to the airport to be airfreighted.


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We also provide a service whereby we can book your overflow luggage as unaccompanied baggage on your flight, which will be more economical than paying for overweight luggage at the book-in counter.  Unaccompanied baggage must be pre-booked with the airline and delivered to their cargo section at least a half-a-day before the departure of the flight.  Our service will include the booking, collection from your home and delivery to the airport.