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Whether you are moving in and around Gauteng or long distance to Cape Town, Durban & Port Elizabeth, BusyBee can look after all your office relocation needs. Time is money and it is essential to choose an office relocation specialist that can ensure the minimum down time for your business.  To minimise down time, planning is crucial.  Our Office Relocation Consultants are industry experts in the office moving industry and will give professional advice on the art of moving your entire business.

alpha-num-filingDepending on the size of your office, careful planning with architects and space planners will ensure a smooth and hassle free move. Getting every staff member’s personal items and files to the correct position will make the settling-in of that employee so much quicker, minimising down time and prevent management involvement. Most office moves takes place over weekends and after hours to prevent disruption to the business and thus minimizing down time.

The first part of the actual moving process is the packing of boxes.  Files, stationary, products and anything small needs to be packed into boxes to make the handling of these items practical and to ensure their safety.  Boxes can be supplied for own packing, whether it is full packing or partial packing by the employees.  We provide a partial packing service where we would typically pack the filing rooms in alpha-numerical order.


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The second part is the dis-assembling & tagging of workstations.  Most work stations are now modular and can be dis-assembled into smaller moving parts.  At the delivery point, these workstations will be directed as per the tagging to the correct position and will then be re-assembled again.  This includes other office items such as credenzas, filing cabinets, 2 door cabinets, bookracks, meeting & boardroom tables.  Large items such as Zippel units can also be moved with ease and re-assembled onsite.

Having a moving plan is essential. Using a qualified and certified project manager to oversee the moving process is vital in the execution of a move plan.  The project manager is the single point of contact for the client and is responsible to co-ordinate all the moving resources such as the labour, vehicles and equipment. Having a project manager will thus minimise employee involvement and allow them to continue with their work.