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We work with the human element and not withstanding the systems and training we have in place, we do from time to time have service failures occurring.  In the household goods transportation industry, the goods that we transport always far exceed the value of the revenue derived from the transport.  Due to this fact, all removals companies have to offer insurance as an additional option to their clients.  No removals company can guarantee or take on the financial implications of the very expensive cargo that is being carried without an insurance company’s involvement. moving-insurance-fragileAll moving companies limit their liability and this risk needs to be transferred to either an insurance company or the client themselves.  In the event of clients not taking out the insurance offered, they are deemed to be self insured or in many cases having taken out their own insurance via their own brokers.

We offer an All Risk, In Transit policy which will cover you against damage and loss whilst in transit and an extension, if you would like us to store your consignment.  You will be required to complete a valued inventory, insuring for replacement value and not second-hand value.  An Insurance Certificate will be issued and given to you before the move commences.  Should you in the unlikely event of damage or loss have to claim, your claim will be handled directly by our Insurance Brokers with our assistance.  The conditions of insurance and the insurance rates pertaining to your move will be covered when we provide you with a quote.


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